baikal-panoramaLake Baikal - Panorama viewThough there are different numbers for its real depth, Lake Baikal is in fact the deepest lake in the world!

Lake Baikal, the deepest lake (1642m)

lake-baikal-beachthe world`s deepest lake - lake baikal beach

Several attempts to measure the depth of Baikal did not reach the deepest place, had no suitable instruments or were just not authentic.
The last guiness record in sweetwater-diving with 1637 metres, measured in Lake Baikal, is outdated! You will find a lot of different numbers about Lake Baikal`s depth in the internet. There is no authentic, precise data because calbrations of submarines are made for saltwater but Baikal is sweetwater. Due to that fact the real depth of is just estimation/calculation but not "really" measurement, so inconsistent statements about the depth of Lake Baikal exist. The most reliable depth of Lake Baikal is 1642 metres (2009), as you can also find in wiki.

Anyway, till scientists come to an agreement or new expeditions are started, this numbers should be enough to say that
Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world!
Followed by Lake Tanganjika (Africa) with a depth of 1470 metres (4820 ft), so it does not matter if Lake Baikal is in fact 1637, 1642 or even 1680 metres deep, to be the deepest lake in the world.

Also impressive is the age of Lake Baikal (25 Million years, geologists say).
Lake Baikal contains more water than the Great Lakes in North America, which were formed in the last ice age.

deepest-lakeThe World`s Deepest Lake - Lake Baikal in SiberiaSome more facts about the lake: Lake Baikal`s volume is around 20% world`s fresh water.
It is 636 kilometres long and between 25 and 80 kilometres wide (Source: Republic of Buryatia), so the Baikal has a relatively small surface.
What means in summer the Baikal reaches a maximimum temperature of just 16 to 18 degrees C.

But swimming is not the reason why tourists from all over the world visit Lake Baikal, it is its unique flora and fauna, the rough charm of the lake and the people who live there.


deep-baikal-frozenThe world`s deepest Lake gets frozen just around new yearBy reason of the clean water, the ice on Lake Baikal (which can become more than two metres thick), seems semi-transparent. Locals cross the frozen lake with their cars and even trucks on temporary roads over the lake in winter.
Tourists like to camp on the frozen Baikal for trekking or guided hunting tours.

The photo on the left was made some days after new year, when the Baikal was not frozen totally yet.


deepest-lake-iceWorld`s deepest lake - Baikal`s icy shore

Icy shore in spring (middle to end of may);
Over night the beach is freezing again and again what can, together with other conditions, lead to the effect of "torosy".




baikal-cloudyIn early spring there are usually many dark clouds above the lake

lake-baikal-icy-shoreone more spring photo - Baikal

worlds-deepest-lakeFishing boat on Lake Baikal (spring 2014)

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