lake baikal beach in 2012swimming beach of baikalbeach for swimming in the northwest of lake baikalThese photos of Baikal were made on my trip to Russia in August 2012,
the water was perfect for swimming [around 18°-19° C).


 Lake Baikal Photos (2006-2012)

Swimming isn`t the typical reason tourists come to Lake Baikal, but it`s possible.
People living at Baikal go for ice swimming by tradition, but in summer (Siberian anecdote about summer later :-)),
when the water temperature can go up to 20° C, swimming in Baikal Lake can be a joy.
Summer Aecdote of siberians: "What did you do last summer?" 

"That day I had to work..."

:-), No in fact there is summer from middle of june till end of July, which can even be terribly hot
(36° C and even more in Ulan Ude, the capital of Burjation Republic, where Lake Baikal is situated).


baikal beach with clear, shallow waterclear, shallow water on Baikal northwest coastbaikal shallow watersandy beach with shallow water - lake baikalIn the Nortwest of Lake Baikal, where these beach-photos were made, there is a large area with shallow water. Locals go there for grill and swim
and we also enjoyed our stay there with our family.


baikal beach nizhneangarskmany locals at the beach near nizhneangarskThe long sandy beach is near Nizhneangarsk, a small town with a domestic airport, which can be reached from Irkutsk by plane,
or the BAM railway, which is connected with Trans Siberian Railways.

 Here you will find many more Lake Baikal pictures






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 lake baikal beach in 2012These photos of Baikal were made on my trip to Russia in August 2012,

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