Though the density of population in the largest country of the world is less than 9 people per kmĀ², there are one dozen million cities in the Russian Federation.

In this article I will introduce the following Russian Cities:

  1. Moscow
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Novosibirsk
  4. Yekaterinburg
  5. Nizhny Novgorod
  6. Samara
  7. Omsk
  8. Kazan
  9. Chelyabinsk
  10. Rostov-on-Don


moscow russiacapital of russia, moscowFirst of all, Moscow of course. In the capital of Russia, which is also one of the most expensive metropolises, there live nearly twelve million people.
No matter, where you want to go in the Russian Federation, you will have to do it via Moscow. There are no international flights to any Russian City, without going via Moscow!
Even if you are from the US west coast and want to lets say - Vladivostok, which is in the very east of Russia at the northern pacifical coast, you will have to book your trip via Moscow.
The only alternative is to go via China, from where you can find some flights to Siberian cities.
I individually have been to Russia various times and via Moscow, needless to say. But I was told not to spend more time there than needed and so I myself have not seen anything else from 
that city than its airports.

moscow red square winterRed Square- basils-cathedral-moscow On the left I got some photos of Red Square (St. Basil`s Cathedral) in winter, from a friend.
The Cathedral, which is the sign of moscow, lies at the South of the Red Square in moscow.

red square christmasred-square-moscow-christmasThe Cathedral at Red Square - winter2013;
But Moscow is not the only large city in the european part of Russia (west of the Urals). The second famous city and historical capital (Tsardom of Russia) and probably the most beautiful:


peter the great monumentmonument for Peter the Great from Kathrin the secondSt. Petersburg lies in the north-westerly European Russia. Famous for its historical meaning and its position in the Baltic Sea, this tourists city offers the perfect circumstances for a great holiday trip.
Dreaming of a cruise along one of the three main branches of Newa River, beside the city of St. Petersburg with its beautiful architecture along the canals. 
Ive seen a lot of pictures of this city already, but for that trip I could neither find time or oportunity yet. On my next trip to Russia I will have to miss Siberia and finally visit St. Petersburg.

winter palacefull view of the winter palaceSt. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great, but named after the apostle Saint Peter.
On the left  you see the Winter Palace, the mostly shot sign of St. Petersburg.

 grand palaceGrand palace with its spectacular fountainsThe "water city" is also famous for its beautiful fountains as you can see on the pictures from the Grand Palace.


As completion of our tour through St. Petersburg I will leave you with some more wonderful photos:

 petersburg night skylineSt. Petersburg at night- impressive view petersburg churchChurch of the Savior on Blood winter palace canalwinter-palace in st. petersburg, canal view 



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